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Productions (pre-Oasthouse Theatre)

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1948"Great Day" by Leslie Storm.
1949"Mrs Methuselah" - a one-act play by Philip Johnson.
"Glass Darkly" - a one-act play by Muriel Box.
"The Lake Of Darkness" - a one-act play by Edward Percy.
"Easy Money" by Arnold Ridley.
1952"The Paragon" by Michael & Roland Pertwee.
1956"To Kill A Cat" by Michael & Roland Pertwee.
"Wishing Well" by E. Eynon Evans.
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1961"My Wife's Family" by Fred Duprez.
"Tell-Tale Murder" by Phillip Weathers.
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1962"Dick Whittington" adapted by Norman Booth.
"Wanted - One Body" by Raymond Dyer.
"A Variety Show"
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1963"Jack and the Beanstalk" by Ted Lewis.
"Tapestry Of Shades" a one-act play by Yves Cabrol.
"Exit For Seven" a one-act play by Mark Howard.
"The Gentleman Upstairs" a one-act play by Marjorie Vosper.
November"Billy Liar" by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.
Official opening of the Oasthouse Theatre
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