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Productions (1970-79)

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1970January"Dick Whittington" adapted by Brenda Pearson.
"The Heiress" by Ruth and Augustus Goetz.
"The Killing Of Sister George" by Frank Marcus.
"Five Finger Exercise" by Peter Shaffer.
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1971January"Babes In The Wood" by Wilfred Miller.
March"Granite" by Clemence Dane.
May"Holiday Of A Lifetime" by Brenda Pearson, Bernard Mitchell & Alan Wilcox.
July"Gigi" by Colette and Anita Loos.
September"The Corn Is Green" by Emlyn Williams.
November"Birthday Honours" Author unknown.
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1972January"Aladdin" by Frank Harwood.
March"Out Of The Crocodile" by Giles Cooper.
May"Ladies In Retirement" by Giles Cooper.
July"The Irregular Verb To Love" by Hugh and Margaret Williams.
September"Merry Switzerland" by Edward Young, Bernard Mitchell & Alan Wilcox.
November"Murder Mistaken" by Janet Green.
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1973January"Diddle Dumpling" by Brenda Pearson.
"Watch It Sailor" by Falkland Carey and Philip King.
"Duet For Two Hands" by Mary Hayley Bell.
"The Lion In Winter" by James Goldman.
"Three For Summer" Three one-act plays performed by seniors and juniors.
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1974January"Sleeping Beauty" by Robert Rutherford & Frank Wilcock.
March"The Anniversary" by Bill MacIlwraith.
May"All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.
June"Ace Of Clubs" - A variety group in Old-Time Music Hall.
July"Sweeney Todd" by Brian J. Burton.
September"The Rape Of The Belt" by Ben W. Levy.
November"A Letter From The General" by Maurice McLoughlin.
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1975January"Cinderella" by Leonard H. Caddy.
March"Just The Ticket" by John Waterhouse.
May"The House On The Cliff" by George Batson.
July"Too Soon For Daisies" by William Dinner & William Morum.
September"No Time For Fig Leaves" by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King.
November"Oast Ham With Quips" - A revue.
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1976January"Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" by Geoffrey Clarke & Mary Howarth.
March"The Enquiry" by Charlotte Hastings.
May"Strike Happy" by Duncan Greenwood.
July"Deadly Record" by Nina Warner Hooke.
September"The Mating Game" by Robin Hawdon.
November"The Male Of the Species" by Alun Owen.
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1977January"Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" by Geoffrey Clarke & Mary Howarth.
March"Beside The Seaside" by Leslie Sands.
May"Night Was Our Friend" by Michael Pertwee.
July"This Happy Breed" by Nöel Coward.
September"Love, Hate and Damnation" Three one-act plays.
"This Desirable Cottage"
"The Rats"
"The Day The Flame Went Out"
November"A Friend Indeed" by William Douglas Home.
November"Toast The Oast" - A revue.
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1978January"Red Riding Hood" by Geoffrey Clarke.
March"Fools Rush In" by Kenneth Horne.
May"Hushed October" by Douglas Sawyer & Peter Curran.
July"Bonaventure" by Charlotte Hastings.
September"They Call It Murder" by Bettine Manktelow.
November unknown.
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1979January"Rumplestiltskin" by Gillian Ryder.
March"Driven To Murder" by Olive Chase & Stanley Clayton.
May"Children's Day" by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.
July"The Eleventh Commandment" by Roy Russell.
September"Barefoot In The Park" by Neil Simon.
November"Couples" by Bettine Manktelow.
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