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Anybody who has ever watched any play, film or TV drama can recognise the difference between good and bad acting. What one actor makes look easy, natural and believable another will look implausible and sometimes simply unbelievable. The progression from the latter to the former makes up the difficult journey that all actors must make. Some make it sooner than others and some just never get there. An important point, however, is that you can never relax and assume that you have made it - each play is different and requires different skills.

Rehearsals seem to go on forever but slowly and surely, though you often don't realise it, things come together. Ideas get bounced around between the cast and producer and the cast start to 'get into character'. A word of warning - there will always be at least one appalling rehearsal, usually just before the play goes on. Don't worry, it happens everywhere!

Rehearsals at the Oasthouse take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 8:00pm and 10:30pm (usually) and there is often a Sunday afternoon dress-rehearsal the weekend before the play goes on.

If you fancy 'treading the boards', come along to the theatre, join up and find out when the next audition takes place.

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